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Sunday, September 12, 2004

The Populous Awards

Its sad to see the populous awards become a pointless thing. I did tests in the last voting and came up with this:
Every time a user came on to msn or the matchmaker the vote count for their website went up strangly. Now I'm not pointing the finger at devil team but I know they are some people that cheated. I admit I did cheat a little by using the school computers to make a vote. And i know everyone else did it too. To me the populous awards have became pointless and I think the webmaster should figure out a way to make sure there is only one vote per person.

Thursday, September 02, 2004


Its great to see that most websites in the populous community don't plagiaris but i've seen two websites that seem to copy everyones content and change a word or two and say they made it. The websites i'm talking about are Populous Dawn of a devil's age php and the html version. The webmasters don't seem to realise the time and effort that other people put into their sites and how bad it feels when someone takes. I hope Master JJ, Deszike and Devilhu remove the copyed content as it hurts the whole populous community