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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Community Growing

After a few years of populous reincarnated they have managed to get over 2000 members! (2164) Its great to see how fast the community is growing. There are also alot of new fan websites poping up everywhere which is great to see as populous 3 was made in 1998.


  • Hi, I'm Ivan.I'm from Macedonia.This is the best game ever made.Populous here in Macedonia is allready dead game.Me and my friends are CrAzzY about Populous.But there is one problem.This game is so rare in my country (Македонија-Macedonia), just I and some my friends have copies of Populous - The Beginning, and no boddy others.
    I shearched on internet for new parts of Populous for free down load, but i can't find anything.
    So, can you help me of tell me a web page, where i can download other parts...

    By Blogger DJ 1\/@N, at 9:06 pm  

  • There are various places where you can download parts of the game.
    Offers the full game,patch and extras
    Offers loads of downloads for populous

    Hope that helps :)

    By Blogger MartinClayton, at 10:42 pm  

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